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Key Spaces were introduced in Blog Key 7, with your first guided Key Space in Blog Key 10 and it's corresponding Keycast.

Now you have completed the "10 Keys Tool Kit",

you are ready to explore your new world of Key Spaces.

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Mountain Lake Reflection

Sometimes we need that big pause button on life. Sometimes we need to get away, hide, find some space. We can't always jump on a plane to a beach holiday or skiing trip or city break or meditation retreat. Life can be busy, hectic, overwhelming, routine and even downright stressful. This is why finding your Key Space can be a lifesaver.


A Key Space is the term I use to describe a place you can go to that allows you to switch off or zone out of the world around you. By using visualisation and the power of thought, we can "travel" to a destination of our choice and meet with ourselves there. It's an intense form of me-time! I have personally used Key Spaces over the years to find deep rooted answers to life and to help people find a safe space to retreat to during times of stress, anxiety, struggle, business or when they need those big life answers too and they all come back saying how much they love retreating into their spaces. It helped them reduce stress and anxiety levels, find answers to key personal questions, increased their happiness and gave them more strength to just get on with day to day life.

You can have all this too.

key space mountain 2.jpg
breathe man.jpg

Your personal Key Space will be unique to you. In general, you may find yours on top of a mountain, or in a field or forest, or by a stream or the coast by ocean waves. How these places look, feel, sound and smell, will be up to you and your powers of visualisation. And the wonderful thing about going to your Key Space is that every experience can be different, you are only limited by the power of your imagination and how much time you set aside to spend there.

Blog Key 10, which is the last of the "10 Keys Tool Kit" blogs, walks you through how to go into a Key Space and will explain how to do your first Key Space. There will also be a corresponding Keycast that you can listen to and use as a guided meditation.

key space field.jpg

Finally, if you have completed your "10 Keys Tool Kit", have enjoyed what you've learned and want more, then please log-in, sign up and get access to the member-only page, where you'll find additional support for your journey into meditation and mindfulness, including more Key Spaces. First access to some Keycasts and Blogs and much more.

Come usare questo sito

Ever needed to hit that big pause button on life? Ever wanted to hide, run away or just have some me-time but can't get away or it feels impossible to even know where to start? Need to work out how to shut out the noise of life? Want some quiet time to listen to your heart? Need some space to just sit and cry, let out a whole bunch of emotions? Then Key Spaces might well be for you.
I'm not ashamed to say I loved watching the sitcom, Desperate Housewives. And, in the first season, there was a scene that really struck me. One of the mothers, Lynette Scavo, is having a nightmare time looking after her kids, (who she loves dearly), and reaches her breaking point. She takes the children out of the house and bumps into her neighbour Bree Van de Kamp. She dumps her children on Bree explaining she has to escape, right now.
We later find Lynette sitting by herself in a football field, totally alone. It is here she breaks down into tears.
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