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Key People

Sono orgoglioso di presentarti questa selezione di persone meravigliose di seguito che sono esperti nei loro campi. Hanno tutti accettato di essere presenti qui, quindi non esitare a metterti in contatto con loro.


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Workshop and Retreat Facilitator

Michael is a mental health and wellbeing advocate. He promotes the importance and value of prioritising self-care, predominantly within the creative and lgbtq+ communities. He does this through his own channels, orchestrating relevant conversations and partnerships, as well as through Create Space, his bespoke retreat and workshop business.



Lifecoach & Women’s Transition Coach

I believe we are powerful beyond measure and I coach with this as my key driver. I help you raise awareness of your thinking to more easily navigate life changes, enabling you to take action from a new, empowered place. I coach positive thought choice, giving you greater control of your life, as you challenge old thought patterns so you can create new ones and ultimately, help you get the results you want in your life

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Mental Health Ambassador and Consultant

Ambassador for Mind, YoungMinds, HeadTalks as well as being featured in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne for my work in mental health and elite sport. I also continue to be a member of round table discussions at the House of Commons regarding mental health reform in elite sport.



I am a hypnotherapist, focusing mainly on addictive disorders, anxiety disorders and the development of the self.


I offer consultations to:
●  Quit smoking and other addictions.
●  Overcome fear, (anxiety, panic, anxiety, phobias).
●  Overcoming stress and overwork.
●  Reconnect with yourself, for complete peace of mind.



Self-Love Leadership & Resilience Coach, Mental Health Coach

I coach people on their journey to self-awakening and self-worth, people who want to be someone in this world but currently feel their greatness is too much of a distant dream.



Fitness Instructor

I am fully committed to helping people become physically and mentally stronger through fitness and the power of motivation. You may have seen me at Heartcore, Psycle, Shoreditch House, the NED, Google and Chelsea club, teaching a broad range of classes, that have a strong focus on helping people with their technique. I understand that everyone needs to start somewhere, and I believe everyone can improve their fitness with the right support.

Join me today for online classes and your 1st class is free to get you started!



Pilates Instructor

Scott is a Pilates instructor with over 20 years experience working at all levels from beginners to the advanced.  Currently teaching throughout London, his clients include the Chelsea Football health Club and the Harbour Club Kensington.  Scott is currently offering online group Pilates sessions for only £5 per person, per session. A free class if you refer a friend to one of the sessions! 



Integrative Counsellor & Therapist

I’m an experienced and passionate therapist and have both a wide lived and professional experience, working with addiction, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, trauma, childhood abuse, adoption, burnout, loneliness and relationship issues.

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